Our beliefs


Our mission is to promote exchanges with local communities and contribute to the social and cultural development of the regions in which we work (Guatemala, Belize and Honduras). Likewise, we pay particular attention to the selection of our suppliers and strive to participate to ethical tourism, with respect for these people and the environment.


Our goal is to transform these criteria not only into operating rules but also to allow our customers to benefit from it: ecologically and socially aware tourism. Traveling with us means making the choice to listen, share and respect so that each experience become a source of cultural and intellectual enrichment.


We are well aware that we inevitably leave traces on our passage when traveling to a foreign country. If it seems utopian to believe that our impact on the environment and local populations can be completely zero while traveling, we are nevertheless convinced that everyone can tend to minimize it.

The mayan cosmovision

Working closely with local communities also involves understanding and respecting their costumes, beliefs and traditions. In Guatemala, there are many Mayan ceremonial sites where sacred ancestral rites takes place. Involved ourselves in this type of practice, we can offer you to participate to one of these ceremonies with a local Mayan priest.

This experience, far from conventional tourism is the opportunity to understand a culture very different from ours and to discover your Nawal (or Nahuales, it is a spirit, a kind of totem associated with your birthday just like the zodiac signs).