Alternative travels

Committed to a responsible and conscious tourism dynamic,

We offer different travel options to professionals who wish to co-organize thematic stays. All our trips are à la carte and can include different types of activities or packages, as well as “free” time to best suit the needs of each professional involved.

Here are some examples of themes:

Encounters and immersion – A different way of understanding cultures

Since its inception, Mayan Zone has chosen to focus much of its efforts on its collaboration with numerous NGOs, women’s cooperatives, indigenous communities and artisan groups. The close ties we have built over the years allow us to invite you today to share unique moments, to participate in local life through encounters as well as moments of sharing and mutual enrichment.

Wellness and awareness – An invitation to reconnect with oneself and with others

Focused on personal development, yoga, meditation and healthy eating, these trips are for anyone looking to recharge their batteries. Guatemala is a volcanic land known to be very energetic; here nature grows in abundance. We work with many retreats and ecolodges surrounded by volcanoes, jungles, lakes and majestic landscapes ideal for relaxation.

Culture and heritage – A most enriching intellectual opening

Sociologists, historians, theologians, heritage curators and archaeologists are all professionals with whom we work to better understand society and history. We propose to approach Guatemalan culture in a different way; Guatemala being a small country particularly marked by history and whose religious traditions are deeply rooted.

Nature and hiking – A soft tourism in the respect of the Earth

Guatemala is the ideal setting for superb hikes and the perfect playground for naturalist expeditions of all kinds. The country has 90 protected reserves, a good part of the Mesoamerican jungle and 36 peaks and volcanoes, 3 of which are still active. We collaborate with experts in wildlife protection and bird watching as well as with local institutions and passionate rangers.

Shamanism and spirituality – An experience far removed from classical tourism

Working closely with Mayan shamans, healers and priests, we can offer you the opportunity to discover the Mayan cosmovision and to understand the local customs, beliefs and traditions. There are many ceremonial sites and sacred rites in Guatemala. These are not folkloric activities but ancestral practices that are fundamental to the society.

Art and photography – A great way to immortalize your memories

Because there is nothing more beautiful than being able to fully enjoy the moment, we offer you the services of a professional photographer to accompany you on certain stages of your trip. Thanks to his expert eye, he will be able to capture unique moments and will allow you to take away immortal memories of this stay. Guatemala is a particularly photogenic country, which abounds in colors and landscapes worthy of the most beautiful postcards.